Lactation Support

At PAL, we have two lactation consultants on our team ready to assist and support you in your breast feeding journey. Whether you are a new mom or simply in need of a little help with your newborn, please give us a call to set up a consultation. Our lactation consultants, Harriett Wellborn and Marcia McBrayer have a passion and the experience for promoting health and wellness in both mother and child.

Harriet Wellborn, RN, IBCLC - PAL’s Lactation Consultant – has been counseling nursing mothers for 30 years to promote health and wellness in both mother and child. She is certified by the International Board of Certified Lactation Consultants and is available for consultation.

Marcia McBrayer joined PAL in June, 2017. She completed her BSN at Jacksonville State University in Alabama in 1981. In May, 1990, she received her Masters in Nursing and Masters in Public Health from Emory University. She is a certified Lactation Consultant and has been practicing pediatric care since 1992. She loves gardening, traveling, cooking for family and friends and music.

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