You're not ready for fun in the sun unless you have Sunscreen on your shopping list. 

6 Things to Know about Sunscreen

Spring means sports and fun in the sun. Don't wait until summer to find the best method for preventing an uncomfortable sunburn. It takes 21 days to start a habit, so protect your family now from the sun! PAL has a few easy guidelines that should keep your family enjoying the weather...

As a children get older and their schedules become busier, often the participation in all types of physical activity declines dramatically.

School is back in session and sometimes that brings unwanted health consequences. One common problem is head lice. Lice are tiny gray-colored, parasitic insects that may infest the skin anywhere on the body. They move quickly and can be difficult to see. They spread from person to person by close body contact, shared clothing and blankets, and other items (such as hats, hairbrushes, and combs). Human lice survive by feeding only on human blood. Therefore, dogs, cats, or other pets do not play a role in the transmission of human lice. Lice infection is usually characterized by intense itching.

During the first six months of your baby’s life, breast milk is the ideal form of nutrition according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the American Medical Association (AMA), the American Dietetic Association (ADA), and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Small children are frequently seen holding a smart phone or a tablet watching videos, swiping through photos, or coloring a picture. Even babies and toddlers enjoy touchscreen technology because of its instant gratification and constant flow of entertainment via colorful images, sounds, and rapid movements.

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